Via Savonarola 10 FERRARA  (FE)

Via Savena Vecchia 441 SAN GABRIELE (BO)


Architect and University Professor,  her research and profession is oriented towards:


The place and the architecture of commerce, point out their key role both in the regeneration in the historic centers so as in the operations of re-urbanization of the peripheral areas affected by degradation.


Techniques upgrading of peripheral areas, with the method of restructuring the suburbs according to the principles of eco-sustainability as an opportunity for economic development and social integration.


Protection and enhancement of the regional architecture, seen through the enhancement of landscape, natural environment, urban environment, construction  techniques, materials, types.


Architecture and Sustainable Urban, with particular regard to the use of Rating LEED / Green Building Council GBC Italy, member of the Technical Committee Sites Sustainable, scientific advice for the assessment procedure "GBC Quartieri" for measuring the sustainability of interventions in new urbanization and re-urbanization of the city.


Registered Architect  n3568 - Association of the Architects of Bologna


At the Department of Engineering CivicArch participated in the creation of sites Internet A Vision of Europe, Eco Compact City Network and 2014 of Unife Green Design Lab, Research Team which deals with eco-urban sustainability and landscape.


DD, from 1993 to the 2000 has taught at the Faculty of Architecture UNIFE as Contract Professor of the Chair. From 2001 to date  teaches at Department of Civil Engineering UNIFE as Contract Professor of the Chair. Currently is Professor of the Course of Laboratory of Environmental Sustainability at Department of Civil Engineering UNIFE.


From 2002 is member of the Research Civicarch at the Department of Civil Engineering UNIFE.


From 2015 is scientific coordinator of the Green Design Lab Plus at the CFR Consorzio Futuro in ricerca.


As a Professor  has an intense academic activity as thesis Director and Training focused to study of the Type Morphological City, eco-neighborhoods, urban sustainability and development of the LEED rating system, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and GBC Quartieri.  From 2012 is  Professor in STEP - Sustainable Town Environmental Planning, Master di I level Unife.


Is author of numerous publications on the theory of Urban Design, the practice of Urban Transect, the Charrette, the Urban Code, the Urban Infill, the Transit Oriented Development, the Mixed Use generated by the concept of Smart Growth.


She has a husband, a son, a dog and a cat; lives and works in Emilia Romagna, owner of DDS, this site represents  her  professional and scientific expression.